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London urged to seize Islamic insurance opportunity


By Jon Guy ( reinsurance )

The London market was encouraged to grasp the opportunities of Islamic insurance by a senior U.K. government minister.

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London told to deliver Islamic marine cover to meet growing demand


By Jon Guy ( Fairplay )

A packed conference at Lloyd’s on Monday heard there is a growing frustration that Islamic investments into marine, aviation and energy facilities is not being met with available Islamic insurance capacity and London is ideally placed to deliver.

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Islamic Finance Market Insights - August 2017


By IIAL News Author ( Press Article )

Market Insights UK-based Liberis has pioneered a flexible new approach to borrowing by linking repayments to cash flow, providing a better way for small businesses to borrow. The firm is now looking to expand into the Shariah space...

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Max Taylor's Profile


By Samera Owusu Tutu ( Monte Carlo Special 2016 )

The former chairman of Lloyd's has a long track record in business with a background steeped in tradition but he's a firm believer in modernisation.

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Islamic reinsurance moves to displace use of conventional finance


By Bernardo Vizcaino ( Reuters )

Islamic reinsurance moves to displace use of conventional finance. Long reliance on conventional reinsurance lines challenged. Regulators, new firms increasing demand.

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Islamic Insurance Association launches


By ( Continuity Insurance and Risk Magazine )

This morning saw the launch of the Islamic Insurance Association of London (IIAL), formed to create a representative body to support the work of those in the UK re/insurance markets transacting Islamic finance.

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Islamic Insurance Association of London launched


By ( )

The chairman of the Islamic Insurance Association of London(IIAL) told a packed launch event on Thursday that London has the ability and willingness to drive the growth of Shariah compliant insurance products.

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